Tom Kastle

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Tom Kastle is a singer, songwriter, tall ship captain, and teller of tales based in the Great Lakes who has traveled the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and the Pacific. He toured as half of Tom & Chris Kastle for two decades, producing a dozen recordings and a soundtrack for PBS (WTTW-TV Chicago). He has one foot in as a singer/songwriter and the other firmly planted in the traditional maritime folk music world. His hands-on background tall ships and maritime music led to an invitation by Andy Cohen to be a "professor" at "Folk University" at the 2009 International Folk Alliance Conference in Memphis with Enoch Kent, Tracy Schwartz and Ginny Hawker. His original songs run from the romantic to the nautical. His ballad Cold Winds has been covered by performers in the US, England, and the Netherlands. When ashore, he lives in a 19th century log cottage on the shore of Lake Mendota.

Captain Tom

"With his solo recording and original songs, Tom Kastle shows further dimensions to his talent and range of material. His resonant voice, heartfelt lyrics, and solid instrumentation proves he is a more "grounded" talent, as capable as writing about the open road as he is about the open waters"
--Lilli Kuzma: Folk Festival WDCB-FM Radio

"One thing I have learned over the years is that booking entertainment for an event needs to follow the character and theme of the event- and not just what I personally want to listen to. This theme has come back to me time and time again. You were/are the perfect fit to emcee and perform at Tall Ship events. Everyone involved was thrilled with your participation!"
--Craig Samborski, Tall Ships Duluth

"Thank you so much for the wonderful gift you gave to the Players yesterday...a voice and mirror of their words and images in song! I think it was one the most powerful experiences they have had in class...they own their song, and they know it!"
--Nancy Schultz, Director, Piven Theatre Workshop